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What are rebates?

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Rebates will increase your win ratio

Forex cashback or rebate is a paid back portion of brocker's spread or commission.
With Rebates Service you get extra money on every order you make. No matters if your position win or loss.

How much forex rebates can I get?

Calculate your additional profit from regular trading with rebates!

Choose your broker, the trading instrument and the average monthly volume in the calculator on the left.

Everything will depend on the trading volume that the trader uses. For example, for trading on the currency pair GBP / USD has let the spread is 3 points. When trading lot, the monetary value of the spread will be 30 dollars. The average rebate is 55%. Therefore, the trader will return $ 16.5 from each transaction. With 5 such trades daily, $ 82.5 will return.


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