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Rebates Center is Introducer Broker. Is not responsible for payments from brocker. We provide you full statistic of your rebates from different brokers, using data received from your broker. If you have any question about statistic, send us message through Contacts section of this site

The statistics in the cabinet are for informational purposes only. The exact values of the received rebates can be found in your broker's trading account.

How can you save as much money as possible on broker commissions?

We at Rebates Center are engaged in attracting new clients for brokers. In this case, we act as partners, making a profit from the spread spent during trading by the company's clients who have opened trading accounts for themselves through us. When you open a trading account, it will immediately be assigned to our partner group.

For example, half of the profit (this value depends on the specific broker), the broker gives to the agent who brought the person. In turn, we give 80% of the earnings received back to the trader. In this case, all participants benefit from interaction with each other.

The Rebates Center returns a portion of the spread that is spent when making deals in your regular trading. We share most of our affiliate commission with you.

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