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How do I start getting paid for my Trades?

1) Register for free with Rebates Center.
2) Choose a broker from the list, click “Create account” to open a new trading account .
3) Add your trading account in your personal account in the section Trading accounts -> Add account. After the account status changes to Confirmed, you will receive a spread rebates.
4) Start trading to get cash rebates!

How much will I get per order?

The exact amount depends on the broker you work with, the trading instrument, and position amount. You will receive up to 80% of the spread. For calculation, use the Rebate calculator located on the left side of the site.

How are Forex rebates paid?

The frequency of payment depends on the broker’s conditions.
The payments can be credited instantly. Other brokers charge cashback once a month, typically between 1-7 day of each month.
Some brokers charge the rebate directly to your trading account, detailed information is available on the broker's page. This is a great option that allows you to get better win ratio.

Do you have access to my trading account?

Rebates Service does not have direct access to your account to perform any trading operations
Typically, we only have access to limited information (your name, trading account number).

Is Rebates Center a broker?

No, Rebates Center is not a broker

I work with a broker that is not listed. Can I earn cash back at that broker?

Send us a message through the Contacts section. We will do our best to add your broker to our rebate service.

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