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Rebates on Forex
Forex Trading: Expand Your Horizons

How does the rebate system work?

The daily turnover of the securities market reaches about $ 300 billion, while the Forex market rises to $ 3 trillion. To become a participant in the foreign exchange market, it is enough to know the basics of money management and have at least a dollar.

There are many trading strategies. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to be successful, but now you can improve the performance of your process through the rebate system.

The return of a part of the commission or spread to the trader is called a rebate, this is a kind of bonus. At first it may seem like a minor figure when choosing a broker, but if you do the math, you get a small increase. It is important to know that everything depends on the profitability of the transaction, but on the number of transactions and lots. That is, the trader will in any case receive a part of the funds spent on paying the commission or spread.

How does the rebate system work?

With a forex broker, a trader can fix a trading account in three ways.

From broker directly

This is possible only by registering an account with a consultant at the broker's office. In this case, the broker will receive all the commission you paid.

Through broker partners.

A more reliable way, because when choosing a broker, you search all Internet resources, compare ratings, read articles, see reviews. For the most part, they are partners of brokers, therefore, by registering on the site, your account will be immediately directed to the partner group of one of these partners. As soon as you start trading on a real account, the partner will receive passive income as a percentage of each of your transactions. On average, it accounts for 50% of the profit. Your money is split between the broker and his partner.

Through rebate services.

In this option, you will need to register in order to receive additional income from transactions that you carry out. The trader registers his account through such a partner, whose method of attracting a client will lead to less loss of his share of income.

Regardless of the method that you choose, after making trading operations, you need to pay the broker the same commission. For attracting traders, rebate partners are paid a reward, which is called a bonus. It serves as a kind of gratitude for the fact that the trader attracted the client to this particular broker-partner, giving him the opportunity to earn money.

Benefits of rebates on Forex

The main advantage is the automation of payments, which significantly saves partners' time. Also, due to the possibility of combining recipient customers into groups, it simplifies the management of rebates.

You probably already have an account with a broker, and some partner is already receiving an award for you. Each rebate service cooperates with a large number of brokers, so technical problems in referral links are no exception.

You will definitely not regret it and see how beneficial it is. From now on, you will start trading and earning additional income without any effort. This income will not be associated with the broker's trading account in any way, so you can use these funds as soon as you want.

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