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Reduce risk and compensate losses!

Currency trading, like other operations in the financial markets, always involves high risks. This entails great psychological stress, and this is due to the fact that the trader always lives in a state of complete uncertainty. He risks his capital, and often the client's money, and he needs to make decisions carefully. But due to this uncertainty, it reacts to every price movement and can make mistakes. If he has the opportunity to reduce risks or at least costs, then trading will be much more successful.

Is it possible to reduce the commission?

When trading on Forex, a trader cooperates with a broker, which charges a commission when performing trading operations. In relative terms, this commission is not that large. But it is invisible only to those who make several small transactions a day. If there are dozens of transactions, then at the end of the month it turns out that the brokerage commission is an impressive amount. Each trader himself can observe the situation and carry out calculations to check it.

It is difficult to reduce risks when trading on Forex, but it is quite possible to reduce costs. For example, a substantial part of the amount of the paid commission can be returned thanks to the services of the rebate services. They work officially as partners of the broker, helping to attract new traders. He pays them a reward, which is a percentage of the commission received from each transaction of a registered client. From these amounts, then rebate services and return the money to the trader.

This algorithm helps to reduce the costs of the trader. At the same time, it is not reflected in brokerage reports, the amounts are returned regardless of whether the transactions were unprofitable or profitable. So, with a successful trade, the rebate will become additional income, with a failure, it will help to partially compensate for the losses, and the trader will feel calmer.

Benefits of rebate services

It should be noted that rebate services are completely free for a trader. To use them, you need:

  • choose a suitable service and register in it;
  • in this service select a forex broker and open trading account;
  • send a request to the administration of the rebate service.

Brokers pay rebate services a fee for attracting new traders. The services retain a part of the reward for themselves, and the other part is paid to the trader. On average, 40-60% of the commission paid is obtained. And the more trades a trader has made, the higher his income will be.

Rebate has several advantages:

  • the possibility of risk reduction and compensation for losses;
  • receiving additional income;
  • savings on payment of commission;
  • building up your own account;
  • participation in bonus programs offered by the service.

Of course, the return of the commission is not a panacea for all ills, and a trader should still open deals deliberately, adhering to the strategy.

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